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Byron Lars: Landmark Designer

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

A Conversation with Byron Lars-

EBE magazine sat down with one of the most sought after fashion designers Byron Lars to discuss his illustrious and progressive career. What is clear is that Byron Lars is doing it and doing it well. His line " Byron Lars Beauty Mark" is available online, Anthropologie, and boutiques all across the U.S.A.. How does he keep it all together and maintain his position as a top creative force in one of the most grueling and competitive industries?

EBE: Who do you design for?

BL: I'd like to think of her as a self actualized professional but, I've discovered her to be everything from soup to nuts. Sometimes she can be a young girl who is in school that has parents that buy her clothes that are expensive. Sometimes its a retired lady that still kept it together and has a youthful spirit. We really have a super-diverse customer base. Sometimes she is a vixen, sometimes she is a girly girl. They all rock it in their own way. Our look book is a celebration of the diversity of our customer base. I've learned from the diversity of my customer base.

EBE: What inspires you to design?

BL: Anything can. It can start from my customer- The way she is rocking something in an unexpected way that can lead to another idea. It can be the texture or color of a fabric or the fabric itself. Most recently, I'm probably the most inspired by the end usage of something. I've never really approached things that way until recently, "OK I need a jacket that goes to work, that can go out to dinner then can transform into a weekend jacket, " she says. It is kind of exciting actually to work that way.

(Full Interview Available Upon Request)

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